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To be the leader and most reliable Plant Maintenance & Shutdown Contractor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and GCC countries.


To be the long form contractor of choice for all running plants during shutdowns & Turnarounds serving Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Water & Electricity, and to develop our extensive knowledge of the industry coupled with our experience in fabrication & construction.

We are driven by our core principles: Deliver Value, Quality, and World Class Services. We are always a phone call away!!

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“Our teams are well equipped with great experience and latest technology to provide clients with the best maintenance solutions and services in compliance with International Standards.”

AZTRACON serves major mechanical and EPC contracts on a wide variety of process plants including:


Our in plant offices of Engineering, QHSE, Procurement, and Fabrication provide instant technical, inspection, and services support to our maintenance teams. A dedicated team of engineers and technicians are in place to carry out all activities with the latest technological.


The facility consists of:

  • Total Site Area – 50,000.00 m2
  • Admin Building Area – 631.00 m2
  • Shop Area – 27,865.00 m2
  • Open Yard- 21,504.00 m2

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Repair and Maintenance

Maintenance of Storage Tanks

Being Saudi Aramco, SABIC, and SEC approved vendor, AZTRACON is the first choice for the industrial services and maintenance activities of above ground Storage Tanks to restore to a condition suitable for safe operation in compliance with the requirements stipulated in API-653 and applicable Codes & Standards.

Some of the services that we provide:

  • Degassing and cleaning toxic residue from tank to prepare it for inspection and maintenance
  • Bottom plates replacement by Conventional and Jacking method
  • Corroded Shell plate repair and replacement
  • Repair of collapsed tanks Roof & shell plates
  • Heating Coil Replacement
  • Repair work for Internal Floating Roof
  • Repair / replacement work for Floating roof seals
  • Repair / replacement of roof platforms, accessories and spiral stair ways

Repair of Pressure Vessels

AZTRACON performs repairs and alterations to the vessels as per API-510, and the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC-23).  We do registration of repaired vessel in NB and allocate the code designator (R-stamp).   We are fully equipped with experienced engineering, quality, and construction workforce to achieve the repair & alteration goal incompliance with above mentioned standards.

We offer the following:

  • Design / Re-rating of Nozzles, Other Connections prior to alteration
  • Re-rating of pressure parts like shell or head
  • Change of Existing Nozzles of Pressure Vessels
  • Non Destructive Examination
  • Post Weld Heat Treatments (PWHT)

Foundation Repair along with Cathodic Protection

AZTRACON provides expert foundation repair services, including:

  • Repair the Cracks of Foundations
  • Repair the Interior Damages of Foundations
  • Tanks Ring Wall Repair
  • Complete Soil replacement
  • Installation of CP System

Electrical and Instrumentation Works

AZTRACON provides complete electrical & instrumentation services with detailed engineering design and procurement.

We provide the following services:

  • Engineering and Design of E&I systems
  • Supply & Installation of Electrical & Instrument Cables, Cable Trays.
  • Lighting Calculations
  • Instrument Installation and Hook-Up
  • Upgrade and Modifications to E&I systems
  • Calibration Services of Instruments
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Procurement of Equipment and Systems
  • Mechanical Completions, Pre-commissioning & Commissioning

Scaffolding Services

Abdullah Al Zamil Establishment for Trading and Contracting (AZTRACON) offer scaffolding services to EPC and construction contractors in the kingdom and GCC region.  We offer comprehensive solutions starting from fabrication and erection to dismantling services.  Our expert team is available to support in a wide range of projects.

Our services include the provision of followings:

  • Scaffolding fabrication, erection, and dismantling
  • Scaffolding Inspections
  • Towers and Formwork
  • On-Site scaffolding support
  • Mobile Access Scaffolding Towers
  • Frame Scaffold
  • Cup Lock Scaffolding
  • Hanging Scaffolding, etc….

Whenever required by valuable customer,  we do rental services for all above mentioned provisions.

We offer galvanized scaffolding confirming to BS 1139/EN 10219 and in compliance with Saudi Aramco GI’s and applicable OSHA standards and guidelines.

We have always taken pride in customers’ satisfaction where jobs are overseen by an assigned project manager from the beginning till the end ensuring the consistent point of contact.

We appoint an independent safety inspector to ensure that scaffolds are fabricated and erected by the company conform or exceed relevant safety standards.

Design and Engineering

AZTRACON has a leading well-established and innovative Engineering department with excellent track record and experience in the areas of Design, Detailing, Modeling, and Stress Analysis of Mechanical & Static Equipment, Structural Steel Products, and Piping.

Our designed products are commonly used for

  • Oil & Gas Plants
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Process Plants
  • Desalination Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Nuclear Plants
  • Mining Sector
  • Process Industries
  • Food and Beverage industries
  • Other industries


Pressure Vessels/Columns/Reactors/ Heat Exchangers:

  • Design and analysis of Horizontal Vessels, Vertical Columns, and Reactors as per ASME BPVC SECTION.VIII DIV.I
  • Detailing & Modeling of appurtenances of HRSG’s and Heating Boilers
  • Mechanical Design of Shell and tube Heat Exchangers as per ASME BPVC, API 660 & TEMA Standards
  • Stress analysis of openings and attachments on components as per WRC-97, WRC-107/ WRC-537
  • Seismic Analysis & Wind Load vibrational analysis of tall towers
  • FEA of component’s due to Nozzle Loadings, and any other external loadings like attachments and Supports
  • Analysis & design of customized nonstandard Flanges and forged Nozzles as per ASME BPVC

Tanks and Equipment:

  • Design and Detailing of Storage Tanks per API 650, API 620, API 12F, UL 142, UL 58, AWWA D100
  • Shop Assembled and Field Erected Tanks of Carbon & Stainless Steel for all services including Sour Services and Elevated Temperatures
  • Design of supported Cone / Dome roofs for Large Diameter Tanks
  • Design of Internal and External Floating Roofs
  • Structural Design and Analysis for Roof and Heavy support structures.
  • Finite Element Analysis of attachments and various parts.

Structural Steel:

  • Design, analysis, modeling and detailing of heavy industrial steel structures in compliance with the international codes and standards
  • Process Equipment’s Support structures
  • Piping supports, Pipe Racks, Industrial Buildings, Heavy Skids, Stair Towers and Platforms

Other Equipment:

  • Design, modeling & detailing of steel hoppers, silos, chutes, rectangular tanks, air and flue gas ductings for industrial applications and stacks
  • Design of grillage members, supports and skid frames for tanks and process equipment
  • Design of piping systems, piping isometrics, shop and assembly drawings of pressure piping spools using AutoPLANT® Isometrics V8i [Bentley] software as per ASME B 31.1, ASME B 31.3 and ASME B 31.8 etc.
  • Design & Detail of pipe hangers and supports such as saddles, shoe supports, clamps, guides, stoppers, frames and brackets per MSS-SP-58, PIP and Project Specifications.

Software Used:

  • PV Elite [Intergraph] for Pressure Vessel Design and Analysis
  • Tank [Intergraph] for Storage Tank Design and analysis
  • AME Tank / E Tank [Technosoft] for Storage Tank Design and analysis
  • STAAD Pro V8i [Bentley] for Structural Analysis and Design
  • RAM Connections [Bentley] for the Analysis and Design of Connections and Anchors
  • SAP 2000 [CSI] for Structural Analysis and Design
  • Tekla Structures [Trimble] for the 3D Modeling, Detailing and Drafting of Steel Structures
  • Auto Cad [Autodesk] for the Detailing and drafting of equipment and structures

Consultancy Services for Engineering and Training

AZTRACON’s Engineering department provides consultancy and technical support in the form of complete solutions for Design, Detailing, Modeling and Analysis along with provision of Trainings for in-house competence development.  AZTRACON’s resources are equipped with highly qualified professionals, latest software, tools and state of the art technology to meet customer requirements in full compliance with international codes, standards and project specific requirements.

Our Engineering team is the best in delivering high standards, cost effective, competitive, and most economical designs to fabricators, contractors, and plant operators to facilitate their own

manufacture, subcontract, and schedules. AZTRACON has a library of approved and authenticated/validated design tools meeting the standard of mega corporations of Saudi Arabia, such as Aramco, Sabic, SEC, SWCC, Maaden, and others.

Accreditations and Certificate of Authorizations

ASME PBVC SECTION VIII Division 1, Rules for construction of Pressure Vessels



ASME PBVC SECTION I, Rules for Construction of Power Boilers

ASME B31.1, Power Piping

National Board Inspection Code

Repair and Alterations for Boilers, Pressure Vessels and other pressure retaining items

Some of the Key Pre-Qualifications and Approvals

  • Aramco Approved Vendor for Steel Structures
  • Aramco Approved Vendor for Pressure Vessels
  • Aramco Approved Vendor for Storage Tanks
  • Aramco Approved Vendor for Floating Roof Tanks

Saudi Electricity Company Approved Vendor for Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, and Steel structure


AZTRACON has over the years established a great experienced team who is capable of undertaking most complex local and international procurement process including direct access to international mills, to meet the best quality standards and to fulfill project needs from raw materials including all types of high alloy and exotic steel materials.

Our teams are aware of the importance of matching the technical standards of a certain order, in order to meet our client’s requirements.  We are proud to have a wide range of local and international suppliers covering all aspects of products and services.

All our suppliers undergo a stringent routine evaluation process by our Procurement teams in coordination with our quality department and end users.   The network of our suppliers is constantly under review and updated regularly to ensure that the quality of the Martials and Services is not compromised across the project lifecycle.

Equipment, Tools, and Gears

AZTRACON, while undertaking multiple mega projects from different sectors, has accumulated a great selection of Heavy equipment, Erection Gears, and welding technologies in addition to all required tools for the execution of its mechanical jobs.

Our wide ranging fleet of heavy Equipment and technologies are offered for rentals to the market and to all EPC contractors involved in mechanical construction activities across the Kingdom. All equipment are in good condition, well maintained, calibrated, and inspected regularly by Third party as per Aramco standard and best industry practices.

The following Equipment, Gears, and technologies are for lease:

Sr. Nu. Equipment, Tools, Gears, and Scaffolding Hourly Rate
1 Heavy Equipment Provided Upon Inquiry
2 Mobile crane with different capacity
3 Forklift with different capacity
4 Man Lifts
5 Bob cats
6 Excavators
7 Air Compressor
8 Power Generators with different capacity
9 Welding Technologies
10 Electrical Welding Machines
11 Diesel driven welding machines
12 CO2 Welding machines
13 CO2 Robotic Automated welding machines
14 Tank Girth Welding Machines
15 Horizontal Welding machines for Jacked up tanks
16 Erection Gear
17 Tank Jacking Equipment’s with Hocks lifting technology
18 Man Baskets
19 Welding Baskets
20 Bracket scaffolding
21 Fit Up tools / Supports
22 Aramco Approval Scaffolding
23 Wooden timber blanks OSHAS standard
24 Heavy Concrete blocks for shell supports
25 Sky Climber


Mechanical Installation

AZTRACON provide its clients with Mechanical Installation support services across multiple industries for both new installed plants as well as existing ones.

We work with our international equipment manufacturer clients to plan out their product installations, and act as an intermediary between the local end users and international equipment manufacturers.  We also work with local plant management to plan shutdown jobs and emergency repair situations.

The following are some of the industries we serve in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia:

  • Power Generation
  • Water Desalination
  • Oil and Gas
  • Petrochemicals
  • Mining
  • Water Treatment
  • Glass factories
  • Sugar Factories
  • Edible Oil and dairy industries

AZTRACON provides its clients with access to its various experiences and know-how; we use our existing tools to make an extremely complicated installation to be executed in a safe and timely manner.

Our engineering department preforms special calculations customized for each job whether a structure needs to be temporarily removed to access the equipment into its desired destination or other encountered challenges due to accessibility or product weight.  We develop a comprehensive lifting and rigging plan as well as complete safety risk assessment which enables us to complete the job HAZARD FREE.

The following are some (but not limited to) installations supports we offer:

  • Intended installation program analysis and development
  • Engineering and calculation service
  • Fabrication of temporary supports and gears
  • Structural assessment and alteration
  • Mechanical fitting of any equipment at any heights
  • Installation and removal of Glass furnaces
  • Conveyor systems installation
  • Batch plant equipment’s installation
  • Sugar processing equipment
  • Filtrations units installation
  • Boiler Dampers removal and installation
  • Valves removal and installations
  • other services involving Process equipment installations

Our highly dynamic and competent project teams have been consistently praised by our major clients for their excellent execution and professional handling of their critical equipment.

We offer the same strong commitment to safety, quality, and efficiency in all of our projects and services.

Manpower Support Services

AZTRACON’s success is attributed to the quality of its manpower and highly trained technical staff who are certified in their respective fields.

In house and external training is part of the program set for all our employees aiming for continues improvement and Quality/Efficiency enhancement.

While undertaking multiple projects of different magnitudes and skills requirements, AZTRACON extended its technical support services to external clients and EPC contractors.

Following categories of manpower are available depending on the time of the inquiry.

  • QHSE & Inspection staff, Aramco Approved
  • Site QC Manager
  • Site mechanical inspection engineer ( lead)
  • Mechanical/Structural inspectors
  • Site QA engineer
  • Certified Welding inspectors
  • NDT technicians
  • NDT inspectors
  • Construction Staff
  • Construction Manager
  • Construction engineer
  • Site Superintendent
  • Site supervisors
  • Erection Foreman
  • Welding supervisor
  • Welding Foreman
  • Site coordinator
  • Site Administrator
  • Site Store keeper
  • Welders All category
  • Fabricator
  • Fitter
  • Rigger
  • Scaffolding supervisor
  • Scaffolders
  • Manhole watcher
  • Flag Man
  • Grinder man
  • Gouger
  • Helpers
  • Machinist
  • Operators/Technicians
  • Crane operator
  • Forklift operator
  • Man lift operator
  • Heavy Vehicle Drivers
  • Light Vehicle Drivers
  • Mechanics
  • Industrial Electricians
  • Electricians
3 Pot Operators 22 GOUGER 5 SECRETARY

Project Management

For more than 3 decades, AZTRACON has demonstrated its ability to successfully manage industrial projects of all types and sizes, giving Industry a helping hand.

Our project management experience covers all types of services and contracts in Oil & Gas, Power & Water, Petrochemicals, Sugar and Cement industries through highly expert team of project managers equipped with latest management tools and knowledge of international codes and standards with a highly successful project history.

AZTRACON’s experienced employees oversee every single phase of turnkey projects, from preliminary approval to project completion and in between activities. The consequence is a turnkey project with outstanding safety performance, unique quality workmanship, and a complete range of supreme engineering services. We maintain focused whether faced with the biggest challenges or smallest details.

In addition, AZTRACON has managed to team up with key suppliers to provide complete turnkey services with simply a single purchase order. This offers faster product turn-around, reduces internal project management, coordinates costs and cuts additional mobilization overheads. Moreover, all key suppliers are assessed carefully to ensure all AZTRACON and client qualification are met.



Our approach to project management comes into play even before the contract has been won, during the bidding phase.

  • Each project is evaluated and selected on its own merits and no market share or asset utilization target supersedes this rule
  • Once a project has been awarded, the Project Manager has full authority and is the single point of interaction during all phases of the project
  • Projects are monitored closely by Senior Management through monthly project reviews with support of planning and cost control in all phases of project lifecycle

  • AZTRACON project management team is equipped with tools i.e., MS Project and Primavera as well as in house developed sheets to Monitor and Control the Project Schedules. In case of tight deadlines, Fast Tracking and Crashing techniques are used to fulfill the client targets.
  • Project management team keep full track of the Client Projects on day to day basis to chase milestone and resolution of issues.

Our approach to assist the industry, meet challenges, team work, and objectives realization as well as risk management represents our passion and attitude to project management. It is the message in our words and above all our actions. It is the core of AZTRACON project management philosophy, making us outstanding with added-values.

  • Giving industry, a helping hand
  • Meet the challenges
  • Team Work
  • Innovating continuously
  • Proactive Risk Management

Project Risk Management

AZTRACON has developed a complete and comprehensive knowledge of project Risk Management. This knowledge is part of the added-value service that we provide to our Clients for all types of projects, irrespective of its size.

Our Risk Management Process encompasses all phases of the project lifecycle; i.e. it starts during pre-bid reviews of the invitation to bid (ITB) and ends only when all the contractual obligations have been fulfilled. Throughout these phases (bid preparation and project execution), all aspects such as commercial strategy, financial assets, contractual, technical, safety, quality, and environment are evaluated in terms of uncertainties and risks for all parties involved.

Risk Management requires total project team involvement and it is essential that all key members of the project team understand Project Baseline, Risks Anticipation as well as Planned Mitigation Measures. Our Project Management teams are well aware and competent of all requirements and are actively involved.

Our aim is to support our customers & business objectives and to consistently deliver projects with exceptional HSE performance that meet cost, schedule and quality targets.

Our approach is pro-active as we apply best practices and management skills to assist customers in achieving their business objectives in all phases of project lifecycle.


  • We work with our clients on daily basis and we are devoted in contributing to their success through constant customer focus, integration and sustainable project management approach. As the industry reference, we demonstrate the competence, the commitment, and the motivation to help all our partners achieve their goals to assist the industry with a helping hand.
  • The ability to provide the required level of assessment in a timely manner is critical to the management of project risks and opportunities. These tools provide perspective, visibility and encourage partnership to identify options and stimulate potential outcomes, not only for the project team, but also for executive management and customers.
  • The lessons learned are key takeaways that help us to enhance our experience to save potential time, cost, and increase products reliability.

These tools help to align project teams, including partners, contractors and Clients. Our common understanding of the goals and strategy facilitates the successful completion of our projects.

Construction Management

Construction management is a system in our toolbox in which we facilitate both design and construction by organizing people, materials and equipment. AZTRACON lead every aspect of a project from start to end.

While serving the industry, AZ has delivered hundreds of project. We’ve proven ourselves through the years to be a reliable  partner serving a full range of clients, and industries.

With a current direct hire of 1000 craftspeople of construction workforce, AZTRACON is a single source contractor for assignments ranging from maintenance jobs to large scale tank farms construction, Large Pressure Vessels site assembly, pipeline erection as well as structures and mechanical equipment installations. Our firsthand knowledge of our construction workforce enables us to choose a highly productive team of craftsmen and supervisors with the right skills for projects execution and determined to meet and exceed clients’ expectations.

A critical success factor for construction projects is the ability to attract and retain skilled workforce in a tight labor market.

Just as important, AZTRACON is committed to ensure that all our craft team has the technical skills and knowledge required. We have internal developed training and skill progression programs that deliver a skilled workforce for your project starting from kickoff through mechanical completion and testing.

AZTRACON owns a fleet of heavy equipment, Special Gears, customized tools, and scaffoldings to undertake multiple large projects in different geographical areas during parallel construction.

AZ has achieved an all-time high track record during the year 2014/2015 constructing the following jobs simultaneously:

  • 34 API Atmospheric IFR Storage Tanks weighing 9000 Tons in Petro Rabigh Phase II expansion for Petrofac, Saudi Arabia
  • 33 Stainless Steel storage tanks In Petro Rabigh Phase II for GS Engineering and Construction
  • 9 Atmospheric Storage tanks in Jeddah South Thermal Power Plant for Hyundai Heavy industries, weight of 3000 tons.
  • Construction of 5 Carbon Steel Storage tanks in Favor of Maaden Gold mine, Atif and Al Duwahi, Saudi Arabia
  • Construction of Storage tanks for National Water Company in Taif, Saudi Arabia
  • Maintenance of Storage tanks in YANPET, Yanbu - Saudi Arabia
  • >Maintenance of Storage tanks in Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Shoqaiq - Saudi Arabia

Protective Coating

AZTRACON provides its client with many metal protective coating solutions in compliance with international standards including but not limited to:

  • Blasting and Painting
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing
  • Rubber lining
  • Insulation
  • Other special painting application

Our Coating department offers surface coating solutions for Steel products & its accessories for all kinds of industrial applications keeping in mind each products specific requirement, temperature, and humidity condition of its installed location and further applicable factors.

AZTRACON employs highly trained engineers, inspection team, and technicians who are certified by BEGAS, NACE, TUV, and specific client’s examinations such as Aramco and SABIC as well as other Mega cooperation.

Our services are extended for both new products applications as well as maintenance of existing installed products such as:

  • Surface preparation of metal structures and tanks according to the International Standards (SSPC, NACE) using solvents, hand tools, power tools, sandblasting and grit blasting as mediums in accordance to recognized international specifications
  • Protective coating application on all types of steel structures, tanks, vessels, and equipment in accordance to international standards.
  • FRP lining to bulk storage tanks
  • Internal & external pipeline blasting and painting
  • Product removal, dislodging, cleaning, and gas freeing of hydrocarbon & lube oil
  • Protective coating solutions for boilers, ducts, and any other metal products

Allzamil coating technical team work closely with our customers and coating suppliers to decide the suitable coating solution for the proposed application.  We provide alkyd, epoxy, zinc rich epoxy, FRP, polyurethane, water acrylic, polyamide, phenolic, silicone, vinyl-ester, latex and other coating systems to meet our client’s requirements.

AZTRACON's Painting, Coating & Lining Services include:

  • Scope of work development
  • Existing surfaces evaluation
  • Environmental exposure analysis
  • Proper surface preparation
  • coating selection
  • Selection of optimum application method
  • Definition of site condition
  • Product & application assurance

AZTRACON’s Differentiated Coating Applications:

  • Pressure vessels & Columns
  • Storage Tanks
  • Piping
  • Steel Structure
  • Offshore Structure
  • 100% solids coating material
  • Low temp Application
  • Automated portable shot blast cleaning
  • Other metallic Products

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Quality Policy

Abdullah Alzamil Establishment for Trading and Contracting considers is totally committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectations of all our customers. AZTRACON has a proud reputation for delivering quality components. We have established a comprehensive quality assurance system that allows our company to meet all of the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard.

Our Quality Assurance system focuses on the following principles:

  • Quality is the responsibility of every employee
  • Ethical workmanship and customer satisfaction are paramount
  • Products and services must be delivered on time and within budget
  • Continuous improvement and training are vital to ensure all customers receive quality products and services.
  • Our quality objectives are:

– To provide goods and service that is fit for purpose and completely meets our customers’ requirements.

– To maintain a quality management system that meets the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 and retain status as a registered firm of assessed capability.

  • Conformance to the procedures of the quality management system requirements is mandatory upon all employees, to ensure achieving our quality objectives. The company always ensures that the quality policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels within our organization, and that the work environment is maintained at an appropriate level to the company’s activities.
  • Our management systems, practices, products, customers and employees are all measured in terms of performance. Performance indicators guide us to the area(s) in need of corrective action and review.

To our entire team adheres to the spirit and intent of our quality policy, as well as the directives of the quality assurance manual and its supporting quality system documentation.

We always work hard to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved at all times, and in everything.

Abdullah Alzamil Establishment for Trading and Contracting considers Safety a top priority in everyday activities. This policy is to provide and maintain a Safety and Health consistent with the best practices in the manufacturing and construction industry.

AZTRACON conduct its business of providing services / products of the highest standards in a way that ensures a safe work place for their employees, contractors, and visitors.

To achieve this aim, the company has developed an Occupational Health & Safety Management System, which encompasses AZTRACON and its controlled sites.

The main aims of the system are:

  • To place paramount emphasis on the prevention of incidents to personnel.
  • To ensure prompt incident notification, investigation and reporting.
  • To establish and maintain a safe, healthy and productive working environment.
  • Protection of property, machinery, equipment and material from all relegating incidents.
  • To ensure full compliance of all legal requirements set by the Kingdom, Local Government Rules & Regulations and other International Standards.

The Policy is communicated throughout the organization for all personnel to participate

All employees commit themselves to achieve the objectives of this policy by ensuring that all tasks are carried out safely and in accordance to the company policy, procedures, work instructions, standards and managerial directives.

AZTRACON periodically reviews and develops this policy to ensure its suitability based on the results of the reviews, for continuous improvement of the system.

Abdullah Alzamil Establishment for Trading and Contracting appreciate the importance of achieving good environmental practice and operating in a sustainable manner.

We are therefore committed to reducing our environmental impact and continually improving our environmental performance as an integral and fundamental part of our business strategy and operating methods.

It is our priority to encourage our customers, suppliers and all business associates to do the same. Not only this sound commercial sense for all; it is also a matter of delivering on our duty of care towards future generations.

Our policy states:

  • Support and exceed the requirements of current environmental legislation and codes of practice as applicable to the company.
  • Minimize our waste, reuse and recycle as much of it as possible.
  • Apply the principles of continuous improvement in respect of air, water, noise and light pollution from our premises and reduce any impacts from our operations on the environment and local community.
  • Minimize energy and water usage in our buildings, vehicles and processes in order to conserve supplies, and minimize our consumption of natural resources, especially where they are non-renewable.
  • Purchase products and services that does not damage the environment and encourage others to do the same.

AZTRACON reviews this policy on annual basis, taking account of any changes within legislation, our organization, and other factors.

We communicate this policy to all our employees to ensure its implemented, for greater commitment and improved performance.

Our QHSE system is designed to:

  • Attain high level of customer satisfaction
  • Deliver products on time and top quality
  • Avoid non-conformities
  • Work safe with zero LTI

AZTRACON QHSE is designed n compliance with:

  • ISO 9001: 2008 compliance
  • ASME Sec-VIII div-1
  • ASME B31.1
  • ASME Sec-1
  • NBIC-23
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • ISO 14001: 2004

Key Elements:

  • ISO 9001:2008, OHSAS 18001:2007 & ISO 14001:2004 Principals
  • Engineering Compliance and Solutions
  • Internal /External Audits
  • Ability of Control of Non-Conformance
  • Ability to Measure, Analyze and Meet Total Customer Satisfaction.
  • Improvement Initiatives
  • Customer Focus
  • Policy , Objectives and Manual
  • Documents and Data Control Management.
  • Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • RCA and Incident Investigation and Reporting
  • Trainings and Drills
  • ERP Programs
  • Environmental Monitoring and Control
  • Waste Management and Control

Key Features

  • Qualified and approved by globally renowned organizations like ASME, ARAMCO, SEC, SABIC and MAADEN
On job inspection
  • ISO 9001: 2008 compliance
  • OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • ISO 14001: 2004
  • ASME boiler and pressure vessels code (Section I,II,V,VIII&IX, B31.1)
  • API-650
  • NBIC-23
  • AWWA D100
  • TEMA
  • AWS-D1.1 & 1.8.
  • Along with in-service equipment based on API-653, API-510, API-570,API-580.
  • OSHA 29 CFR 1910, OSHA 29 CFR 1926
  • SASO 314 GS 208, SASO 322 GS 212, SASO 323 GS 213, SASO 325 GS 214, SASO 329 GS 217, SASO 336 GS 220

QHSE Consultancy

Abdullah Alzamil Establishment for Trading and Contracting specializes in facilitating the creation, implementation, and maintenance of individualized QHSE management plans and programs for construction and fabrication companies involved in Oil & Gas, Power & Energy, and Mining Sectors.

Our consultants, support your operations by creating policies and procedures, interfacing with industry regulation databases, and implementing management programs for contractor and Short Service Employee [SSE] Processing.

The ultimate goal is to integrate quality & safety into the business culture, which is best achieved through consistent compliance with QHSE requirements.

Because each project is unique, we customized our methods in:

  • Competency auditing and gap analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Corrective action planning
  • QHSE management system development & training
  • Regulation reporting and documentation
This comprehensive, flexible approach allows us to develop and implement the right QHSE system.


  • NEBOSH IGC (International General Certification), UK
  • IOSH, MS (Managing Safety)
  • OSHA 10 & 30 Hours Course.
  • Awareness training for QMS 1SO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001: 2007
  • Awareness training for inspection requirements of API-650, ASME SEC-VIII, ASME SEC-1, ASME B 31.1 and NBIC 23
  • In-service inspection training for tanks and process equipment’s.
  • Training for material handling, lifting and rigging
  • Firefighting Courses (Including Practical Session)
  • Risk Management Course
  • Accident Investigation & Reporting Course
  • Root Cause Analyses
  • Permit to Work Systems Course
  • Emergency Management Training
  • Waste Management Course
  • Fire Prevention and Suppression Course
  • Basic Fire Extinguisher Course
  • Basic Electrical Safety Course
  • Basic HSE Awareness Course

Qualified Resources

  • AZTRACON’s strength comes from their qualified QHSE staff who can be sublet based on requirements of customer.
  • We can provide services for inspection of tanks, vessels, structures both during construction or in-service equipment’s based on API-653, API-510, API-570 etc.
  • Our qualified QHSE staff can assist in prequalification for major companies like Saudi ARAMCO, SABIC, SEC, Maaden.
  • We can assist for qualification and certification based on ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007
  • We can assist to design Quality control system for acquiring U, S, PP and R certificate of authorization from ASME and national Board.


HR Mission Statement

To imprint an enjoyable experience with everyone we interact with.

HR Core Values

Integrity, Commitment, Teamwork, Innovation, Flexibility and Fun.

Field development Programs

You are not training for a job; you are preparing for a career.

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Telephone: +966 12 6380766
Fax: +966 12 6380768
Email: aztracon@alzamilmetal.com

Office and Factory Address

Street No: 105, Phase# 5 Industrial Area,
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Postal Address

P.O. Box: 13168 Jeddah 21493
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.